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Kogi Gospel for Artists is a platform for artists who want to upload their songs to Kogigospel.com, after paying a fee-per-upload. Whether you are a Singer, Music Minister, or Hymn Singer, Kogi Gospel for Artists is the right place to upload your songs.

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Why choose Kogi Gospel

Kogi Gospel is more than just a music streaming site. It is also a platform for artists to grow their fan base, get recognized, and achieve their goals. Kogi Gospel offers you:
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Upload a single song on Kogigospel.com for just N5,000.

EP Song Upload

Upload a music EP on Kogigospel.com for just N8,000.

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Upload a music album on Kogigospel.com for just N15,000.

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Check Kogi Gospel Blog, where Gospel blogs are posted.

Got Questions?

Usually it takes at least 24 hours for your song to be reviewed and uploaded. But if there are/is issues uploading your song(s), you'd be reached out to via email or WhatsApp from the contact you provided while signing up. 

So sorry about that, kindly reach out to us via WhatsApp or our email to get a personal account.

Yes. You'd definitively need to create another account as this site is not affiliated technically with kogigospel.com. It's only for artists to upload their songs.

Send a message to us via WhatsApp, explaining the issue, in a concise manner.

For quality songs on our site, we need to verify songs before it gets uploaded on our streaming app. Kindly bear with us for the next 24-48 hours.

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How Uploading Works

The video below, gives a clear illustration on how to upload songs on kogigospel.com.

Kogi gospel

About us

Kogi Gospel, your premier destination for uplifting and inspiring gospel music in Kogi State, Nigeria. We are passionate about promoting and sharing the rich tapestry of gospel content that resonates with the hearts of our community.
Our Mission: At Kogi Gospel, our mission is to be a beacon of hope and positivity through the power of gospel music. We strive to create a platform that not only entertains but also enriches the lives of our listeners by providing access to soul-stirring melodies, meaningful lyrics, and transformative messages. 

Why us?

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Get recognized

With more than 1k+ monthly active users on Kogi gospel's site, your songs can get streamed from lots of audiences. By that, you become more recognized within the Kogi Spheres!
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Achieve your goals

Are you looking into growing a large group of people who loves your songs? Then Kogi Gospel right fits you!

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Grow your fan base

Struggling to be heard? Amplify your voice and grow your fan base now!.


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